Buffalo knows how to do brunch!

One sunny afternoon this past month we decided to shuffle off to Buffalo to visit Horsefeathers market and have a little brunch.  Although the market was smaller than I thought, there were some really good finds.  I can’t wait to go back to refill my Bootleg Bucha jugs. Hubby wants to try the coffee next and with another Buffalo weekend coming up he might just get his wish.



We were delighted to get a seat at Martin Cooks right in the heart of the market building itself. The cocktails were creative and delicious with names like Apothecary Revival and Wherez ma Nutz?   We chose the fiddle head and pea risotto which was honestly out of this world.  It was creamy, herbaceous and so good.  The buttermilk waffle was sweet and gooey but I think I would recommend sharing as it was like a very large scrumptious dessert. The menu changes frequently so there is always something new to try. IMG_4010

_DSC0807_DSC0820 (1)


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