A perfect day in Niagara wine country

I usually find that Valentine’s Day is highly overrated and I try to keep my expectations low as not to be disappointed.  This year we decided to spend our afternoon in Twenty Valley, part of Niagara wine country for what turned out to be the perfect day!

I persuaded hubby to sign us up for what was billed as yoga, hiking, wine tasting and lunch.  He grumbled a little but he made the call and presto we were booked!  Both of us have been absent from our yoga mats for a couple of years and were a little worried. We dug out our mats, bundled up and off we went to the beautiful Westcott Vineyards.



We were immediately greeted by Victoria Westcott who welcomed us as we entered the tasting room, which was to later be our cozy, warm setting for lunch.  Upstairs in the VIP room our fellow yoga lovers were lining up their mats and setting their intention for the day.  Sharlene Styles from Pure Natural Health was there to guide us in what was a moderately strenuous ( for us anyway) and yet relaxing class.  The sunlight lit the room as we moved from cat to cow to downward dog.


After yoga we put our  layers on and had a bit of warm apple cider courtesy of Sharlene and it was time to hike.  The trailhead is on Staff Road and part of the Bruce Trail.  The hike was about an hour and even though it was a cold day the sunshine and the shelter of the woods made it very comfortable. The waterfalls appeared frozen but as we stopped to take a few photos we could hear the water rushing underneath the ice.


Our fearless leader Sharlene from Pure Natural Health

On our arrival back to the winery there was a glass of sparkling Brilliant waiting for us.  Made in traditional French method it was just like the tasting notes say “a taste of sunshine in every bubble!”  The food by Zooma Caters was vegan and layered with so much flavour. The soup was a sweet potato with what looked like bacon but was the skin of the potato lightly seasoned and crisped. In between our course we had a coyote sighting out in the nearby vineyard. After a photo break we were served the most beautiful looking plate of salad with quinoa, cabbage, carrots and greens with a hint of Zaatar and pea puree. To finish we had vegan chocolates with coconut oil. We thoroughly enjoyed the lovely company at our table and the fire was so toasty and inviting. Finally it was time to go and off  we went with a bottle of Brilliant under our arm to be enjoyed another day.

So it would seem that I was all wrong about this Valentine’s Day thing. I can’t wait to see what hubby comes up with next year! No pressure.





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