A Winter’s Day in Niagara Falls

Over the holidays I bought a Nikon D3300 so I could take fantastic food photos.  I decided a bit of snow, some sun and a day off however, meant a walk in nature. I headed down to  Dufferin Islands along the Niagara Parkway not far from the People Mover parking lot and just across the way from the old scow which still sits above the falls.  Dufferin Island is 10 acres of man made islands and bridges and home to lots of water fowl and Festival of Lights displays.


The geese and ducks were noisily frolicking and the snow was glistening.  On the trees could be seen the light strands that by evening would magically transform the area for the Festival of Lights.


Later while sipping on my chai tea and going over my photos we notice a white bird.  Hubby decides it is a snowy owl but I think it is just the most magnificent seagull I have every seen!

Version 2_DSC0424 (3)

I wander further down the road to the Floral Showcase where I discover that a season pass is only $10!  Last night’s snow makes the outdoor displays sparkle.  They still have their holiday display with colourful, whimsical miniature houses.




Inside it is downright tropical and the warmth lifts my spirits on this -6 degree winter morning. There are orchids and a few reindeer still hanging out with the cyclamen. The Floral Showcase changes with the seasons.  Now that I am a season pass holder I can’t wait to see spring!


Last stop is the Horseshoe and American Falls.  It is icy cold but positively breathtaking.  Even though I live in Niagara I never get tired of the view. Through the brush amongst the twigs I spot a few little sparrows peaking through. You can find out more about all of these places on the Niagara Parks website. Niagara Falls in winter is an amazing site that surely is not to be missed.


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