There are veggies in Niagara

Sometimes I just feel like a vegetarian meal. Vegetarian done right means no one misses the meat at all. We once had a Niagara Culinary Tour with a number of vegetarians so instead of serving different things we kept it simple.  After the tour I asked a friend who was on it how it was?  She responded that both she and her husband loved it!  I asked if they didn’t mind it being all vegetarian.  She responded “no it wasn’t.”  We know we have hit our mark when the carnivores didn’t even notice. We are in the middle of the greatest time of the year in Niagara. Summer is the time to enjoy the benefits of veggies.  With a bounty of local produce it makes it so easy to choose a meat free option that is flavourful and absolutely delicious!

IMG_5807 2
A trip to the St. Catharines Farmers Market
Niagara on the Lake’s Wednesday night supper market
Chef Kevin bringing the Smokin’ Buddha to market for all to enjoy!
Chef Jason of The Yellow Pear is all smiles on opening day at the NOTL Supper Market.

Vegetarian fare can be found at the supper markets around the area.  Tuesday’s newcomer Port Dalhousie Supper Market is located in the heart of Port Dalhousie near the water, Wednesday is the original  Niagara on the Lake Supper Market and Thursday night is in Fonthill.  There is no reason to cook on a hot summer night when you can enjoy food, wine and entertainment.   If you love your veggies then a trip to the market is enough to inspire any chef….the professional or the weekend sort.

A creation by Chef Goodine formerly of Small Talk Vineyards
So we fused a few countries for this blue cheese, pomegranate, pear and walnut salad but it was truly market inspired!



An all time favourite! Sweet Potato tacos from The Yellow Pear

We had a couple of Friday night dinner stops we frequented last summer that surprised me with delightful vegetarian options. The first being SilversmithBrewing Company. The order of Spicy Pickled Eggplant sammie from Tide and Vine with a side of kimchi slaw made me glad I tried something new.

Spicy pickled eggplant from Tide and Vine
Kimchi slaw with local cherries

Another Friday night spot is Oast Brewers.  Chef Adam Hynam-Smith from El Gastronomo Vagabundo and author of Curbside Cookbook is in the kitchen serving up local food with an Aussie flare.

Veggie tostada from El Gastro


Of course not to be outdone by the breweries we have another winery.  Ravine Vineyards have a pizza oven overlooking the vineyards.  A spectacular view, wine and pizza….who could ask for more!?! Ooops well maybe some beer.

Fresh basil on a margherita pizza at Ravine Vineyards

So if you’re vegetarian or just looking to try something different there is no shortage of choices this summer for fresh, wonderful veggie masterpieces!

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