Five Questions with Joanne and Ken of Highbrook Bed and Breakfast, NOTL

Joanne Deall and Ken Peterkin are newbies to Niagara and we met them as we were starting Niagara Culinary Tours. Jo and Ken went on our very first Niagara on the Lake food tour! We loved their energy and the way they looked at Niagara life through a different lense. Having lived in Toronto for 10 years myself I understood the love/hate relationship one can have with the big city and the benefits and challenges moving to a slower paced life.

Jo and Ken made a decision to transform their lives and live their dream. They jumped in with both feet and have created a wonderful life here in Niagara as B&B owners of a beautiful property Highbrook Bed and Breakfast.  Fellow blogger Jo talks about the transition from big city to small town in her blog Niagarafied.

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 Five Things You Can’t Live Without?

Jo: My sweetie Ken of course! My mom, my running shoes which are Sauconys right now. My corkscrew because it can open all of my wine!

Finally my books, in all formats. Both old fashioned and e reader. The best part of the day is sitting down with a book and a glass of wine.


 Five Things You Can’t Live Without?

Ken:  Ken says “Jo” with a laugh as she smiles and bats her eyelashes at him.

Pizza. If I were on a desert island that would be what I would want to have. It represents all food groups…so it’s perfect.

Barbeque. I love the ease which you can cook a fabulous meal. In a power failure you could use it like a gas stove.

IMG_1075 IMG_1081

My summer car, it is a vintage 560SL Mercedes which I only take out in the summer.  The fifth thing would be potato chips or maybe my new Kobo reader which does a lot more than just be a reader.

 What is your favourite kitchen item?

Jo: Definitely my coffee machine. We have a Jura. I am not a morning person and it simplifies my life!

Ken: My tongs, I cook everything with tongs.

 What might be a typical dinner at home?

Jo: We’re trying to eat clean right now so it would be things like chicken, sweet potatoes, vegetables and wine.

 Ken:In the summer it would be burgers. I live for barbequed burgers and I make fabulous ones. We like organic, grass fed beef. We can find great beef at Churchhills in Fonthill.  One of the things that we have in common is our love of really good steak.


 What Do You Love About Running a B & B in Niagara?

Jo: I love the different people we meet.

Ken: Well it’s definitely not the getting up at 7:00 a.m. but the other parts are fun.

 What is really good about working together?

Ken:  It’s fun, it’s less of a job when you’re doing it together. In an office you have to make small talk with people you don’t know, when you work with someone you live with it is easy.

 Jo: You know what each other is good at and so the other one jumps in when they need to.


 What Is Your Dirty Little Foodie Secret? Or What wouldn’t you want someone to know you eat?

Ken: Hotdogs and bologne….the cheaper the better. When I was little my mom would take us to Wolworths cafeteria for a hotdog and a milkshake as a treat.

Jo: I really, really like Kraft peanut butter but the original not the organic one.

Our real guilty secret though is that he had hotdogs for Valentine’s Day, that’s what he wanted!



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