The twelve Days of Foodie Christmas, Day 9

On the Ninth day of Foodie Christmas my true love gave to me…..the chance to enjoy all the holiday preparations!  Now who am I kidding….with a sinus infection and exhaustion, do I really think I can enjoy it?!  Yesterday a drive to Toronto did give me that much needed break, if only for a moment. While waiting for lunch with an old friend, I had a chance to wander around the Historic Distillery District.

IMG_4228 IMG_4232

So here it is, I think that the ninth day should be about just being in the moment, in the moment with the holiday just whirling all around you. Catching your breath and just being.


Not losing your cool in the grocery store line up or when someone takes your parking spot, but rather just taking in the beauty.

IMG_4230       IMG_4241

IMG_4231 IMG_4238

Marvelling at how in all the business, there is stillness.

IMG_4260   IMG_4251


There is color……ahhh yes macarons  and marshmallows at Bobbette and Belle

IMG_4266 IMG_4264

There is beauty….. even in Loblaws?   I know but I found it amidst the cheese….


So during these days of Christmas stop, be still, drink it in and see the beauty.  It’s out there to be found and if we let it, it may even find us.

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