The Twelve Days of Foodie Christmas, Day 8

On the 8th day of Christmas my true love gave to me…..a weekend in New York, New York!  Living in Niagara gives us the benefit of being really close to our southern neighbours.  Just a 7 hour drive away you or a quick flight out of Buffalo and you will find a foodie haven.  I must admit it has been a few years since our last trip to NYC so I think it is high time we went.  Really it’s all in the name of business research.  New York is a great walking city, and when you get tired there is always a nearby restaurant or cafe waiting to be discovered.  Bright light, big city…that only just begins to describe this city.DSC_0742

There are parks and squares to be seen and enjoyed along the way .

DSC_0662 DSC00735

Most important of all for any travelling foodie, are the moments where you find somewhere you have only heard about.  First stop, Dean and Deluca’s. This was an important part of my early foodie experience. The little silver tins with their name printed on in black and white, wide enough to put a measuring spoon in, or to just get a pinch.  They have spices like Za’atar, lavender flowers and annato seeds. I love the scent of the garam masala but now they have added things like Morrocan beef spice or epozote,  I know I need to have them just not sure why.  Dean and Deluca began in 1997 at the corner of Broadway and Prince in SoHo.  Since then they have opened other stores and are sold internationally, but a stroll through their SoHo store feels so awe inspiring. Nutella housed next to almond pistachio paste…..see I always knew Nutella was special even as a child!

DSC00744 DSC_0699

DSC00746 DSC00745

Not too far away at Grand and Canal is Papatzul  a nice little Mexican restaurant around the corner from the SoHo Grand.  It is tiny and bright and their prices are very reasonable to this area.  Jugs of house made sangria sit on the counter just waiting to be enjoyed.  On our leisurely afternoon we ordered some sangria, guacamole and had a colorful dish of enchilladas de polo al mole de almendra. It was February so it may have been chocolate instead of almond but  it tasted divine and we were ready to hit the streets again.

IMG_0220 DSC_0811

This next trip my goal is to try a few food tours in NYC.  First on my list is Great New York Tours, Hipsters Food Tour.  Just the name alone has got me intrigued. Skinny jeans and food I mean how do these two things go together?! The tour takes place in the Williamsburg neighbourhood, in Brooklyn. Its’ stops include samplings of New York bagels, a cheese purveyor and a smokehouse restaurant.  Also on my list is Food Trucks of New York. This is a walking tour of food trucks and carts. The 3 areas they visit are mid town, union Square and Downtown. Choose the tour of the area you want to explore and just go have fun. Offerings could include artisanal grilled cheese, Bulgogi tacos or Kati rolls from a biryani cart. I think my third choice would be Ahoy New York Tours and Tasting.  They offer a combination tour of Chinatown and Little Italy.  Sicilian Cannolis, Chinese dumpling and prosciutto oh my! A food tour is such a fantastic way to see a city, get a little exercise, meet some new people, learn a bit of history and have some delicious things to eat.  So when my true love says lets go on a road trip I’ll be ready with my bag packed.  If you can’t make it to New York just remember a walking food tour is right here in Niagara waiting for you.  Spend an afternoon with us Niagara Culinary Tours, you’ll be glad you did!

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