The 12 Days of Foodie Christmas, Day 7

On the 7th Day of Foodie Christmas my true love gave to me…foodie friends to share all that good food with! Now there is nothing better than sitting down to a great meal with good friends.  Really it doesn’t have to be a meal, just a few gourmet nibbles and a bottle of wine and well….I’m in heaven! Whatever the occasion there’s a food for that!

So you know who you are, you are all special to me and I remember who I was with, when each of these photos were taken. Discovering a new wine bar Just Vino in Buffalo with our Lewiston friends.  A fall creek cruise with our Canadian and American friends. Celebrating someone special’s  50th at Cantina Loco in Buffalo.

IMG_0298IMG_3507  IMG_3354

Marking a milestone of 20 years of marriage, on a road trip south with my true love…my best friend and now my business partner.  Memories of Kosmic Karma pizza from the Mellow Mushroom in Savannah. This I remember well as we had spent a day out kayaking and cycling only to return to our cottage with this gorgeous creation, and find that someone (you know who you are) locked our keys in the cottage!   Fried green tomatoes at Vics on the River Historic Savannah.  Cocktail hour at Zero George in Charleston. The very best dessert I have ever tasted at FIG in Charleston.

Cosmic Karma Pizza from the Mellow Mushroom, Savannah GrorgiaIMG_3060Zero George evening reception, Charleston,North CarolinaIMG_3175

With food we bond, we reminisce, we savour, we grieve, we celebrate!  Enjoying the company of seldom seen old friends and meeting new friends.  Sometimes these friends just live way too far away but when we come together for a meal it is as if no time has passed.  A peach and prosciutto pizza with our visiting Aussie family at The Pie Plate in Virgil. An evening in Charlotte with an old girlfriend whose homemade coconut shrimp were out of this world (recipe please!) Enjoying a meal, a chocolate torte and a bottle of red or two. An afternoon with friends from Brooklyn enjoying a fiddlehead pizza at Stratus Winery.


Sometimes life gets too busy but we find reasons to get together. A dinner in white or Diner en Blanc in Niagara on the Lake. This meal was created by all of us and enjoyed as a group.  The pomp and circumstance was too much work, but the dinner with friends was magical!!


A New Years spent with friends and a creation called Death by Foie Gras. Sharing a basket from Tree and Twig and enjoying the creations that evolved from it. A 50th anniversary party for mom and dad with 60 of their closest friends.

IMG_1033 IMG_0817 - Version 2 DSC03492

There are impromptu moments… these are often the best, a text, a phone call to ask “what are you doing tonight?” Backyard barbecues or a cheeseboard with our Fonthill friends.  The infamous kitchen counter spreads with our Black Creek pals. These are things to remember and be grateful for.

IMG_2577 IMG_0820IMG_0528 IMG_3582

Taking a moment to cheer on a fellow foodie friend to victory in “So You Think You Can Cook?!” Enjoying the artistry of a chef friend’s hard work. Stopping by another  friend’s winery in the pouring rain to check out the food trucks. We celebrate others triumphs and achievements.

DSC_0985 IMG_3220 DSC_0146DSC_0140

Dreaming about starting our own food tour and making it happen! Who would have thought that a trip to Charleston would have given birth to a fantastic business idea? An amazing chance to incorporate a shared passion of people, food and Niagara!   Pumpkin ricotta gnocchi at Wellington Court. Pimento Cheese and boiled peanut hummus at Proof in Charleston.  Meze platters at Pow Wow ready to go for our Preview Tour.

IMG_3650 DSC03379 DSC03453

Food is meant to be shared but sometimes it just isn’t  quite as good as it looks. The fresh from my garden pasta, that didn’t quite meet my expectations.  The salad at a Buffalo restaurant that looked so pretty. Thank goodness for the gift of friends because these things don’t matter. We love the journey with food and well the destination may be more of a surprise.

IMG_3205 IMG_2309

We have food with family.  The last minute…I think I will make my mom a birthday cake….Hummingbird cake that took hours.  The Easter bunny broke in and took over the tablescape. The wow…where did you find those Christmas shrimp cocktails?!  Food brings with it so many memories of the moments we share with loved ones. So this holiday make sure you give your true love the best gift of all….food with friends!

IMG_2255 DSC02192 DSC02798  IMG_4092

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