The 12 Days of Foodie Christmas, Day 4

On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me….well it’s pretty cold outside so I think he needs to give me another trip to Costa Rica.  From the moment you touch down you know you’re somewhere wonderful.  Mojittos made just perfectly with the exact blend of sweet, minty, tangy goodness. At a nice little beach bar in Protero you can find retro style soda bottles that bring back childhood memories. IMG_0001DSC01470

The food in Costa Rica is interesting, fresh and flavourful.  Black beans and rice (gallo pinto), plantain and yucca and little dairy. Since we overloaded with cheese on day two I think I can live without dairy for a bit.


After a bit carb loading which prepares you for the hike you need to take.  A long hike to the most magical place I have ever seen..Rio Celeste.  It is as it sounds, spectacular, with a blue river and water falls part way through your hike.  So after the endurance hike it is time to eat again. It is a 7 km hike through the rain forest and takes 4-5 hours but it is worth every bit of effort.  The views are nothing less then breathtaking.  If you want to stay somewhere that makes the whole trip truly amazing, then Rio Celeste Hideaway is your place.  It is a wild jeep ride over rocks and hills, dodging cows and goats to get there but you will be transported to a place like no other.  It honestly reminded me of an old childhood show, Fantasy Island.  We felt like we were the only guests at this small, intimate and very posh resort.  I had to pinch myself when out of nowhere, as I lounged in the pool in the rainforest, someone came to take my drink order!


A half day’s jeep ride away is the town of Arenal, home to an active volcano. You will find Costa Rican versions of bruschetta and Argentinian style chimichurri steak.  One of my favourites though is nachos at the Lava Lounge in Arenal near the volcano.

DSC01473DSC01819Nachos with pineapple at Lava Lounge

What an amazing gift for your true love to give!  Back to reality and time to scrape the ice off my car…I have one last thought for my true love.  Pretty please if we can’t go to Costa Rica can I just have one of these for home?!!


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