12 Days of Foodie Christmas

On the first day of Christmas my true love ……well they gave me booze…very fine booze indeed.  A stop at Dillions Small Batch Distillers in Beamsville is in order http://dillons.ca.  As the website states spirits made with natural bases and infused and finished with botanicals and woodImage


Right here in Niagara we can find Canadian Rye whisky, vodka, gin and my favourite, bitters. I can’t decide whether I like the DSB or cranberry bitters more. The key to a quality hand crafted cocktail.  They even sell the bitters in a gift set for the indecisive. My foodie hubby has his eye on a book on bitters.



A tour at Dillons is worth the time.  Learn about the distilling process and about the  reintroduction of absinthe, the growing of wormwood and how the industry defers from winemaking.


Their labelling is simple, retro and just plain beautiful.  Experiencing Dillons makes me want to drink gin gimlets.

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